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Maati Baani literally means ” The Language of The Earth”. 

One fine morning, Kartik and Nirali decided to make a song together- Maati Baani was born.

They consciously decided the song to be a collaborative work rather than keeping it all to themselves!
And hence started the chain of music videos, shot in vivid cultural landscapes and sung in different languages
of the World. It was and still is an effort to put Indian Classical music within the different sounds, cultures, languages and voices of the world. 
Genre?  Hindustani Classical, folk music across the globe, funk, jazz, blues, rock, lounge, ambient- basically anything and everything. No rules, no boundaries, they just create whatever mood they are in!

A quick glance at their catalog will reveal that they like to amuse the listener, giving a fresh sound in each and every song.
They spend their time scouting musicians on internet, approaching them and making music with them completely online.
They believe that Music is the greatest force in bringing people together and is a great way to celebrate the diversities of the wonder that Humanity is!

Their new video-album series is the first of its kind in the world, featuring more than 70 artistes across 20 countries collaborating with them via internet. They bet its going to be something worth waiting for!

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