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How much does it cost to for Zomato like app development?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Zomato or Swiggy? is always a question for an entrepreneur or company who wants to get a similar app developed. Below is the article which we hope gives a satisfactory answer to the biggest question in your mind. A restaurant is a place where food-lovers can treat themselves with various exotic dishes. There are already many restaurants, mobile food vans, joints, cafes. Choosing the right restaurant where one can enjoy their favorite food to treat one’s taste buds is quite confusing. There are online channels of foods available everywhere – on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other such social channels.
Zomato Like App Development
Zomato Like App Development
Due to growing competition in the physical market, restaurants/food businesses try to find new approaches to sustain themselves in the market. There are various kinds of days celebrated with great discounts for the business’s existing and prospective customers to enjoy. However, retaining old customers and finding new ones has become a huge challenge for them because there are various food joints available at nearby locations. With the booming online market, it becomes difficult to survive the business only on the basis of physical presence. Hence, to be noticeable in the market in comparison to other food businesses, restaurants/food businesses have to create their online presence apart from their physical presence. To be even more precise, mobile presence is required as everything today is present at the tithe p of a customer through mobile technologies.

What is Zomato and Swiggy?

Zomato or Swiggy is a social application that connects food lovers and restaurants. The core feature of their app is the discovery of restaurants and user reviews and ratings. Using the user base Zomato and Swiggy pushes sponsored content across the platform. The Ad Engine and elaborate backend being the most expensive part of developing Zomato or Swiggy like application

Benefits of Zomato and Swiggy like app:

1. Sales Medium: A great effort to drive sales is the Zomato & Swiggy like mobile application as it allows customers to book a table, order food online, rate the restaurants and many such services. 2. Re-targeting User Base: By showcasing various deals, meal offers, food delivery discounts and many more the application can not only target the user base but also helps them stay on top of their customer’s mind. 3. Brand Building: It is not only a channel for sale, building an application like Zomato & Swiggy builds trust among users thereby creating the business a brand.

Cost of developing an app like Zomato ranges from $10,000 to $15,000

The development cost of this kind of app goes higher than the normal restaurant apps as it has an extensive database structure.  The cost of the app can be determined by the following key factors:
  1. App Platform (Android, iOS or Windows): An app like Zomato or Swiggy would have separate development cost for iOS and Android based on the required features.
  2. App Design: The app requires customer-friendly design to be implemented that can engage the prospective customers and existing food lovers, which requires advanced technologies. The designing cost may vary case to case depending on your requirement.
  3. App Functionality: Every application has some unique features and functionalities based on the domain of the industry. For example, restaurant apps may have features like food order & delivery, table reservation, capturing user reviews and ratings which can be beneficial to this industry.
  4. App developers: Cost of hiring a developer varies from the level of expertise a developer has on a particular platform.
Again, the cost varies depending on your feature requirement. We have analyzed the one-time app development cost model. Another approach for application development is SaaS-based development model, which has monthly rentals and one-time set-up fees.